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"Kishimo"Almost Finished

2008-05-26 19:21:15 by keosan24

im almost finished im going to change her name though
: changed her name to Kishimo

"Kishimo"Almost Finished


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2008-05-27 21:56:03

awwww no comments?not even from lindsey :{


2008-05-27 22:35:00

I was saving this comment for well when you updated again but... its ok but right arm could use some work and may be thicken or make the neck shorter. Umm... check the hair, don't know whats wrong just doesn't look right, and try to get the mouth and nose done properly ,even if thier small I see, and try drawing plain humans then start adding ears and tails.
But in general for a person just starting on humans really good.:)

keosan24 responds:

cool :D