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A New Series?

2008-06-10 02:50:14 by keosan24

I will be making a new series which i havent even made a name for and im still making the characters of course i will need a team of people..if u want to join... put in ur comment
i wanna be a part of the team or something like that
team member limit 10!
because i can only co-author 10 people
Also u must co-author me to join
a new pictur3!

A New Series?


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2008-06-11 01:13:02

looks like you're making friends

keosan24 responds:

yes :]


2008-06-13 01:05:30


keosan24 responds:

dont spam my page =/


2008-06-15 10:51:50

Dont spam the art forum.

keosan24 responds:

imao me?naw thats you


2008-06-18 01:12:13


keosan24 responds:

hi :]


2008-06-19 19:41:28

Will this series have hot furry girls?... please?

keosan24 responds:



2008-06-23 09:05:25

I will join my friend :]
Also check out xguala Pt 1, its my newest flash, showing my skills, and characters.

keosan24 responds:

alright sorry for not responding earlier
im still looking for someone to practice with


2008-07-03 02:33:30

I'll join if i can im a total noob at flash so i can't do anything like that.

keosan24 responds:

alright it doesnt matter if ur a total noob at flash thats why i havent set a date for the anime
so i have time to work on characters and u guys can get better


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