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Drawing #3

2008-05-26 03:07:27 by keosan24

Refrence Picture-http://inkohaulyc-1.deviantart .com/art/Shadowfox-58529575
My Picture Below
: i tryed to change a few things to it

Drawing #3

some new drawings!

2008-05-26 02:11:27 by keosan24

First picture in Differnt Angles e=dvc00006bc5.jpg
: second pic is below its the same one but smaller

some new drawings!

Solid Snake

2008-05-24 18:45:54 by keosan24

i Drew Solid Snake While Looking At a Pic Of Him
i colored it in photoshop!

Solid Snake

Website to come!

2008-05-07 20:59:29 by keosan24

i am making a website but i have run into errors cry!
Edit & Update:Errors have been fixed and i am currently changing the layout and i will dedicate this website to moosh and farfenwaffles with them as admins :D and mods :D

Stick Collab!

2008-04-30 23:14:29 by keosan24

I will be making a stick collab in the future :o i have gotten better then leaf fight are the rules if u want to join

~Must pick a part
~No music in ur parts
~parts must be 5 secs-20 sec long
~must be a good animation
~if u just started flash tell me
~Farfenwaffle said:what size?what doucment type?
~Size ie 550 and 400
~flash doucment type
~it can be anything about stick figures whether it be figting or humor whichever u can think of
:Fps = 20
More will be posted later